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Christelle Dupont - 19/07/2016

MyTrackingChoices: taking control of our online privacy without harming the Internet economy

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MyTrackingChoices is an application developed by the Privatics research team. It can control how net users are tracked online, enabling them to choose certain categories of website on which they do not want to be tracked. Designed to protect both the user's privacy and the economic system that keeps website content free, the application limits targeted ads to subjects chosen by the user.

MyTrackingChoices, developed by the Privatics research team, won the "Data protection by design" award presented by Apdcat, the Catalan Data Protection Authority, on Monday, 20 June 2016, at the Palau del Parlament de Catalunya building in Barcelona. The award comes as part of the new European regulations relative to data protection, for which the MyTrackingChoices project provides a new tool allowing users to track and control how their data is used.

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