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F. Polge-Cohen - 21/05/2019

Discover the CASH project team

© Inria / Photo C. Morel

The Inria CASH project team, jointly with the Claude Bernard University (Lyon 1), the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and the CNRS, was created on June 1, 2019. Meeting with Matthieu Moy, head of this team.

What does CASH mean? What are your main areas of research ?

CASH  means "Compilation and Analysis, Software and Hardware". Compilation is the translation from a human-written program to another program, executable by the machine. It is our main research topic. The rest of the acronym corresponds to our particularities: some teams are specialized in the last steps of code generation (the "backend"), while we focus on earlier stages, in particular code analysis needed to optimize programs. Software and Hardware are present in several ways: we are interested in program transformations needed to target several kinds of hardware processor, and also in compilation from software programs to hardware designs, called high-level synthesis.

Is it basic or applied research ?

I like to say that we do "application-driven research". Sometimes, we are very close to real applications, and sometimes our research is more abstract. We like when our research topics lead us to theoretical questions, but the motivation to study theory is still an application in the long term.

Do you have academic or industrial partners ?

Of course! On the academic side, we have several Ph.D co-supervisions (with CEA-LETI on a generalization of polyhedral methods to optimize programs, with CEA-LIST on fast simulation of system-on-chips and with the CITI laboratory on memory management for heterogeneous architectures), the CODAS ANR project, and informal collaborations in France (Nice, Rennes, Lille, Grenoble, ...) and other countries (Colrado, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, ...). On the industrial side, one of the members of CASH is the co-founder of the XtremLogic startup, specialized in high-level synthesis and with whom we keep a partnership. We also work with STMicroelectronics on fast simulation of systems-on-chips, and have started a partnership with Kalray.

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