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Start-up eBikeLabs


eBikeLabs wants to develop the connected and "smart" electric bike

eBikeLabs team - © Olivier Dupont Renoux

A former Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes research student with the nano-D team, Maël Bosson has created a company to develop the connected and "smart" electric bike; he was also one of the first daily users of the electric bike in 2011, during his PhD.

After having developed, within the Gibsa-Lab in Grenoble, a smart embedded system to control the motor of an electric bike distributed by Décathlon, then assessed and tested this new smart control system on the Grenoble-Alpes Metropole electric bikes during the summer of 2014, Maël Bosson and Raphaël Marguet founded their company, eBikeLabs, in April 2015.

An Inria partner, the aim of the young company eBikeLabs is to develop the technologies of future generations of connected smart electric bikes, and in particular to adapt assistance to users depending on their battery status, the effort they wish to produce and the differences in height of their route.

The personalisation of assistance is achieved via the user's smartphone and the itinerary calculated thanks to the connected, embedded eBikeMaps controller on the electric bike's motor.

Following an intensive 18-month R&D phase, eBikeLabs is preparing equity crowdfunding to raise funds in order to reinforce its commercial development in France and Germany from 2017 onwards.

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