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Computational sciences now play a role in every aspect of our daily lives. The institute’s scientific research and the technological applications of its results are attracting more interest and questions than ever before. The Inria Grenoble – Rhône-Alpes centre is committed to making knowledge available to all, through a range of informative and awareness-raising actions organised in partnership with other organisations working towards greater scientific awareness in the region (such as the scientific and technical cultural centre (CCSTI) and local museums) as well as with the Grenoble educational authority.

Fête de la Science

This free science festival is a unique opportunity for the public to get first-hand experience of our research and the innovative solutions in computational sciences we are developing for tomorrow’s world. The idea is to explain what our IT research is all about and to demonstrate some of its everyday applications. Each year, Inria’s researchers and engineers get involved in this event, at both the Grenoble and Lyon centres. Some of them run stands at the ‘Science Villages’ created for the occasion, whilst others help organise open days at our centres.

Visitors can see our experimentation platforms and are offered a chance to try them out for themselves, with a range of fun applications suited to all ages and abilities, including robots, augmented and virtual environments, measurement sensors, simulation of biological molecules, and much more. The institute’s staff also inform visitors about what computational sciences can offer in the fields of the environment, health, personal assistance, telecommunications and transport.

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Programmes of previous editions

  • 2011 : « Voyage numérique dans le monde du vivant »

Educational actions

The Grenoble educational authority is keen to encourage more school students to consider pursuing scientific subjects in higher education. The Inria Grenoble – Rhône-Alpes centre is particularly interested in reaching out to this young population and supporting IT and computational sciences teaching in secondary schools. A partnership between the centre and the educational authority has been in place since 2010, with the objective of organising a range of initiatives through which Inria researchers and research-lecturers can work with school students and their teachers. The aim of these initiatives is to introduce students and teachers to the research that is being carried out in IT and Computational Sciences, as well as its applications.

Since 2009, the centre has also been a partner of the Mathematical Olympiad competition for sixth form students following the general or technological curriculum and who wish to take part. The competition aims to make mathematics and research more interesting to students, as well as developing their sense of initiative.

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Mathematical Olympiad competition since 2008 :

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