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Inaugural meeting

A Giant Leap for experimental testbeds in Multiuser, Cognitive and Cooperative Radio

Inauguration ceremony of CorteXlab : the Cognitive Radio Testbed of the FIT Project. Tuesday, october 28th 2014 from 9.00 am  to 16.00 pm at INSA Lyon, France.

  • Date : 28/10/2014



Opening with coffee


Welcome address

Pr Jean-Marie Gorce, CITI lab

09h40 - 10h20

Keynote speaker 1
Pr H. Vincent Poor, Princeton University

Collaboration in Cognitive Radio

10h20 - 10h40

Coffee break

10h40 - 11h20

Keynote speaker 2
Hans-Peter Mayer, Alcatel-Lucent, Stuttgart

A current view on technologies, services and KPIs for 5G

11h20 - 12h00

Keynote speaker 3

Pr Merouane Debbah, Huawei, France

Scientific challenges of 5G

12h00 - 14h00

Lunch (possibility to visit the testbed)

14h00 - 14h10

Inaugural talk
Dr Guillaume Villemaud - Vice-head of the CITI lab

14h10 - 14h20

Inaugural talk
Pr Jean-François Gérard,Vice-director in charge of Research, INSA Lyon

14h20 - 14h30

Inaugural talk

Dr François Sillion, Head of the Inria Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes research centre

14h30 - 15h15

CorteXlab talk

Pr Tanguy Risset, CITI lab

The CorteXlab Infrastructure (+ CorteXlab Experiment Demonstration)

15h15 - 16h00

CorteXlab talk

Pr Jean-Marie Gorce, CITI lab

CorteXlab: research opportunities


Cocktail (possibility to visit the testbed)

FIT offers a federation of several independent experimental testbeds to provide a larger-scale, more diverse and higher-performance platform for accomplishing advanced experiments. Such federation of independent network experimental facilities is perhaps the only meaningful way to achieve the required scale and realism for supporting Future Internet research.

The project includes three types of tesbeds, located at mulitple sites across France: five Embedded objects testbeds , forming large-scale infrastructure for testing the Future Internet of Things, three Wi-fi mesh testbeds , offering highly flexible experimentation on a wide array of wireless networking issues and finally a Cognitive radio testbed , allowing experimenters to test ways of optimizing the use of radio frequencies for wireless applications. FIT is also part of the OneLab federation.

FIT’s Cognitive Radio testbed CorteXlab is an environment which allows experimenters to develop new technologies to resolve this and other related problems, offering scientific tools to design more efficient radio devices. Cognitive radio is an emerging technology that will permit many more devices to share the existing radio spectrum in order to communicate. It relies on three complementary mandatory properties: radio systems’ real-time reconfigurability, wireless environment awareness behaviour, and self-organization capability.

The CorteXlab testbed, hosted at INSA-Lyon in France, uses the network architecture developed in IoT-lab and will integrate SDR nodes to offer a remotely accessible development platform for distributed Cognitive Radio.

Keywords: CorteXlab Equipex FIT CITI INSA Lyon