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Rémi Abgrall, Senior Research Scientist

Rémi Abgrall

Modelling airflows within an aeroplane at cruising speed, a high-speed train passing through a tunnel or the water in Mont-Saint-Michel bay are all complex aero- and hydrodynamic problems that require the use of fluid mechanics models.

How does air behave around an aeroplane at cruising speed?

Rémi Abgrall is aiming to improve current computing methods, the principles of which are more than 25 years old and are now reaching their limits. This scientist proposes new numerical methods that deliver three radical improvements.

These methods now take into account the unknowns and uncertainties of a model, such as random variables. They enable advanced management of the geometry of objects, also ensuring highly effective digital computation of both shockwaves and areas in which flows are more regular. Lastly, they simplify the modelling of the most complicated flows by using representations linked with the physics of flows rather than mathematical constraints.