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Hélène Barucq, Senior Research Scientist

Helene-Barucq, Directeur de recherche

The seismic waves that traverse the Earth can provide us with very important information about sub-soils. Digitally simulating how they travel and the recent advances in scientific computation open up incredible opportunities to produce images of increasingly heterogeneous areas that are more likely to contain extremely important information.

I work with mathematics to view the invisible

This imaging technique enables us to discover new hydrocarbon reserves and, in this example, the economic stakes are huge, as our society is still highly dependent on fossil fuels and is now faced with the need to explore regions of the globe that are increasingly difficult to access.

For Hélène Barucq, a mathematician, detecting highly heterogeneous areas means solving increasingly complicated equations. This requires the development of new and accurate numerical methods, the effectiveness of which is increased by their compatibility with high-performance computing techniques.