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Marion Bachelet - 11/12/2013

Thomas Cederborg and Simon Labarthe recognised with the THESAQT award

Thomas Cedeborg and Simon Labarthe, respectively PHD from Flowers team and Carmen team, have received the THESAQT award, which recognise their thesis works, during a local event about innovation (NOVAQT).

During the “Think Tank” day, with specialized conferences as part of NovAqt, the “Région Aquitaine” has wanted to reward the student works in giving thesis awards about priority thematics as “accommodation”, “health and self-being”, “learning”… Two PHD of the Inria Bordeaux Centre have received the THESAQT award for their works in robotics and health.

Thomas Cederborg : social learning in robots

Thomas Cederborg comes from the renowned “Chalmers Institute of Technology” in Sweden. He joined Inria in 2009 (Master in statistical physics) in the FLOWERS team (FLOWing Epigenetic Robots and Systems). His thesis focuses on mechanisms that allow robots to learn how to interact with humans, and learn to perform tasks that the human would like it to perform.

He works on imitation and learning language in robots, using an innovative algorithm which allow the robot to learn several different tasks from unlabeled demonstrations. Another focus is on learning to better understand the feedback signals of a human teacher.

Simon Labarthe : cardiac electrical physiology

Simon Labarthe has joined the Carmen team since 2010, which realize works about the understanding and the treatment of cardiac electrical pathologies, in collaboration with the medical institutes near Bordeaux town.

Simon’s thesis focuses on cardiac arrhythmias simulation (atria in the heart). He works in collaboration with doctors of “Haut-Lévêque” hospital (“CHU de Bordeaux”) and with biologists and bio-engineers of the IHU LIRYC, a specialized institute in cardiac pathologies, created by Michel Haïssaguerre a famous professor.

Atrial arrhythmia - © Photo Inria

Simon develops mathematic tools to take into account some important atrial specificities. His award was attributed in “health and self-being” category.

Keywords: NovAQT Cardiac electrical phisiology Thesis CARMEN FLOWERS Robots Learning