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Laura Bernard - 18/02/2014

The Phoenix team's DomAssist project represented at the launch of the Silver Economy in the Aquitaine region

The launch of the regional section of the "Silver Economy" in Aquitaine took place on Monday, in the presence and under the chairmanship ofMrs Michèle DELAUNAY, the French junior minister for the Elderly and Autonomy at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, andMr Alain ROUSSET, president of the Aquitaine Regional Council.

Being both an industrial sector and an ecosystem of innovation devoted to seniors, theSilver Economyis present in numerous fields:

  • health care and social welfare,
  • autonomy and home support,
  • adapted leisure activities and tourism, well-being,
  • adapted transport and mobility,
  • housing and town planning.

Objectives: to enable and encourage innovations that will support us as we grow older and to reduce the loss of independence, whilst improving social links and increasing the comfort and quality of life.

In this context, the Inria project teamPhoenixtook part in order to present theDomAssist digital assistance platform for home support. Monique Thonat, director of the Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest centre was also present in order to exchange with actors in this field.

Michèle Delauney, Hélène Sauzéon, Charles Consel - © Inria

« Through our presence, we wish to affirm the intention of the team, our sponsors and our partners to become actors in the Silver Economy in the Aquitaine region, through the development of what could become a digital platform for home support.  » Charles Consel,  leader of the Phoenix project-team

DomAssist, home help for the elderly

TheDomAssistproject is aimed at the well-being and autonomy of elderly people in their home activities, thanks to small objects (movement, light and electricity consumption detectors...) which are organised intelligently using applications, and which interact with the person via a digital tablet.   

The setting-up of regional section committees

This represents the first of the 49 Silver actions listed in the Silver Economy sectoral contract signed on 12 December 2013. The regional level spearheads French industrial policy and economic development, and the setting-up of a strong regional dynamic is seen as an essential factor in the deployment of the Silver Economy.

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