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Nurea - winners of the i-Lab innovation contest

Congratulations to Florian Bernard and Romain Leguay, the men behind the start-up Nurea and winners of the i-Lab 2019 innovation contest! 

Nurea, a biomedical modelling start-up

Nurea started out as a research project carried out by Florian Bernard during his PhD within Inria’s Memphis project team.

They are currently developing a solution that is unique in the world of medicine: decision support and implant personalisation software for cardiovascular and thoracic surgery (e.g. aortic stents, tracheal implants, etc.). Through artificial intelligence, coupled with networks for digital modelling and the processing of medical images, Nurea develop maps of the vascular system; surgeons are given information automatically from scanners, helping them in the process of making diagnoses and deciding whether or not to operate, for aortic aneurysms, for example.

This software is currently being tested in partnership with Bordeaux university hospital.

We begin by offering patient management software for use in pre and post-op monitoring within an automatic workflow. This has never been available to surgeons before. We want to go further, however: our long-term objective is to use this digital simulation in order to apply it to the personalisation of cardiovascular implants. 

Florian Bernard, co-founder of the start-up Nurea

Nurea in pictures