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Lola Kovacic - 17/03/2014

Inria and the Raoul Follereau secondary school sign a partnership agreement

Inria and the Lycée Raoul Follereau (in the Dijon regional education authority) signed a partnership agreement on Thursday 20 March 2014 in the school's conference hall. The partnership's main objective is to increase interest from young people, particularly girls, in digital sciences through supported robotics activities within the establishment.

An innovative scheme

Indeed, the Lycée Raoul Follereau's robotics class has been welcoming 27 pupils since the start of the 2013 school year. This initiative, elaborated by the teams of the DAAC (the academic delegation for artistic and cultural education) of the Dijon local education authority, is officially recognised as an "innovative scheme": of the eight scientific culture classes in Burgundy, the Lycée Follereau is the only one with robotics as its theme.

A bridge between research and secondary school

Various actions are being implemented within the framework of this partnership. For example, exchanges between pupils and researchers with the FLOWERS*team, demonstrations on humanoid robots at the school and the participation of pupils in the FLOWERS website, dedicated to robotic mediation, through the writing of articles.

An awakening of vocations

The link between the school and the research institute enables pupils in the robotics class to have direct contact with young researchers and encourages the emergence of vocations in the field of digital science. Firstly, and in particular, through the continuation of activities in the sixth form scientific stream, within the scope of the ISN option (computing and digital sciences).

The signing of the agreement follows on from the "How do you get out of a maze?" conference given to students by Inria researcher Gilles Dowek during "mathematics week", by calling for mathematics and computing through digital science and robotics.

*Joint project team with ENSTA ParisTech

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