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Jam Session

Séverine Valerius - 15/11/2010

Inria Alumni: Jam Session 2010 and General Meeting, Bordeaux

Affiche de promotion pour INRIA Alumni 2010

The Inria Alumni association is the network of current and former employees of Inria and its partner establishments. You are invited to take part in a Jam Session on 18 November 2010 at the Victor Segalen University, Bordeaux 2, Place de la Victoire site.

 The Inria Alumni Jam Sessions provide an opportunity to meet others in a friendly environment to:

  • Establish new links and identify new resources
  • Initiate and develop new projects
  • Share your experiences
  • Meet former colleagues and friends
  • Speak about Inria, away from Inria!

On the agenda for the 2010 Jam Session

"Research and innovation" : research and applications, business formation, free software, developments in the research system, etc.

The conferences and workshops are open to members and a wider audience of scientists and industry figures from the region.


Keywords: Conférences scientifiques Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest Research