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IHU Liryc: a heartfelt inauguration

The Liryc University Hospital Institute (IHU) was inaugurated on 4 November 2016 in the presence of numerous leading figures from the clinical and political world.

In the beginning Liryc, the Electrophysiology and Heart Modelling Institute, was created in order to better understand and treat electrical dysfunctions of the heart, which are behind many cardiovascular diseases that are responsible for almost a third of deaths in the world.   Liryc is made up of academic researchers, clinicians and industrialists.

Inria is a founder member of the IHU, and so it is only natural that the Carmen project team works closely with the teams on site. The Carmen team focuses on models and digital methods that enable cardiac electrophysiology simulation, from cellular to individual level. These issues are motivated by the desire to improve the understanding and treatment of cardiac pathologies of electrical origin and the informative value of the electrical signals available.   For this, the team is taking part in the IHU LIRYC work programme in Bordeaux, in order to be as close as possible to these questions. It is building mathematical models and effective simulation tools that will help with the understanding of the mechanisms of cardiac diseases and with the implementation of personalised and optimised treatments. One of the challenges lies is making the simulations reliable and accessible to the medical community, so that it might integrate them into its practices. 

Keywords: Cardiologie Electrocardiologie CARMEN Modélisation Santé