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Internationale Symposium

Séverine Valerius - 2/09/2011

The world’s best scientists in the field of parallel computing gathered in Bordeaux

Conférence Internationale Euro-Par 2011

3 days of conferences, 2 days of workshops, the 2011 edition of Euro-Par, the reference symposium about parallel computing in Europe, which took place from the 29th of August to the 2nd of September, gathered over 330 international scientists from the field for high quality meetings at the core of the Aquitanian Basin.

Technically advanced subjects with very concrete applications.

It is often difficult for the general public to grasp notions of High Performance Computing (HPC). Yet this side of computer science has revolutionized our everyday life. Did you know for example that the Ipad 2 was as powerful as the most powerful supercomputer created in 1985? In this field, things run fast… really fast!

This is why computer science researchers from all over the world meet on a regular basis in order to build up future collaborations that will give birth to significant progress in the field.

Nowadays, scientists from various fields (medicine, food-processing, industries, and so on) manage to simulate at a molecular level thanks to an optimized use of parallel machines with hundreds of thousands of processors.

A symposium known throughout the world with its area’s best scientists.

“Rock stars” from the scientific field such as Pete BeckmanAlessandro Curioni or Toni Cortes, could give an overview of their works and share about it with the scientific community.

A real catalyst for future proposals, this type of meetings contributes in making of Aquitania a fertile land for computer science.

Inria and its partners (CNRS, University of Bordeaux, Labri, IBM, the UCB  and the Regional Council of Aquitaine) are very pleased about the success of this meeting and the richness of exchanges.

Please note that this year; the "Euro-Par Achievement Award" presented by the steering committee of Euro-Par has rewarded Michel Cosnard, CEO of Inria for his whole contribution to the field. 

Keywords: High Performance Computing Euro-Par Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest Parallel computing Internationale symposium