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With HPC-SME, Algo'Tech is wired up to high performance computing

With the support of the HPC-SME Initiative, launched at the end of 2010 by Bpifrance (a French public investment bank), GENCI and Inria, Algo'Tech, a company which specialises in the production of electrical schematics and wiring software for public works, industrial machines and embedded systems, successfully completed the transition of its electrical wiring software program to HPC (High Performance Computing).

Based in Bidart (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) and a member of the Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster (an HPC-SME Initiative partner), the company, which employs 10 staff, wanted to offer its customers from both the aeronautics and automobile industries a solution that could rapidly simulate very large-scale electrical and electromagnetic systems, and provide these simulation solutions in Cloud mode.

A successful technological leap

In this context, Algo'Tech and Inria worked on the PaStiX simulation software tool developed by the joint research team HIEPACS (Inria, University of Bordeaux, CNRS-UMR 5800 and the Institut Polytechnique of Bordeaux). The SME benefited from a skills transfer through a consultancy assignment carried out by PhD candidate Xavier Lacoste.

This collaboration, backed up by financial support from Bpifrance, enabled the SME to make the technological leap necessary for the development of a software version adapted to HPC, and which will soon be marketed.

Eventually, other software programs offered by the company will also benefit from a version that takes advantage of high performance computing.

For Jean-Michel Petolat, CEO of Algo'Tech, "HPC represents a very interesting approach for solving complex problems such as simulating the susceptibility of equipment to electromagnetic effects. It also allows us to widen our skills base and gives even more scope to our research and innovation policy, which is our company's strength. Moreover, we are convinced that these Cloud-based solutions could be successfully offered to SMEs facing the same type of problem, and contribute to democratising HPC with regard to SMEs - with all the knock-on effects we hope will come from this".

HPC-SME, an effective lever

"Algo'Tech's success shows that the HPC-SME Initiative represents an effective lever to provide a boost to French SMEs. It is an asset for a competitiveness cluster like Aerospace Valley, whose ambition is to increase the number of jobs in its region in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems" , says Agnès Paillard, president of the competitiveness cluster, which has been a partner of the Initiative from the outset. For the final stage of its industrial project, carried out within the scope of the HPC-SME Initiative, Algo'Tech has been chosen by the European project Fortissimo to implement its software solution on a commercial Cloud platform. That way, it is totally integrated and visible in the European high performance computing ecosystem. 

Keywords: Hiepacs Inria research centre - Bordeaux - South-West HPC-SME High performance computing PaStiX HPC