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Guix 1.0, one step closer to scientific reproducibility in HPC


Reproducing scientific experiments largely based on IT equipment has become practically impossible as a result of the constantly-evolving nature of software, versions and features. Version 1.0 of the free software Guix, which was made available in May 2019, tackles this challenge head-on, particularly when it comes to high performance computing (HPC), enabling users to “go back in time” in order to find previous versions of programs. To find out more about this, we spoke to Ludovic Courtès from Inria Bordeaux, one of the main figures behind this group project. 



Creating synergies around educational projects with a digital dimension

SV (*) - 11/12/2018

The Bordeaux Education Authority and the Inria Bordeaux–Sud-Ouest Centre have renewed their partnership for three years in order to develop educational projects in the digital sciences, the fight against dropping out of school and in favour of equal opportunities.




A research project around Ubisoft


Established in Bordeaux since September 2017, Ubisoft wishes to develop its offering by collaborating with academic stakeholders in the region. Supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional authority, Ubisoft has just signed a four-year research project, called "projet KIWI", with the Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest research centre, CATIE (Aquitaine Centre for Information and Electronic Technologies), the Angoulême office of CNAM-Cedric (Centre for Study and Research in Computer Science) and the LaBRI (Bordeaux Computer Science Research Laboratory). The aim of this collaboration is to address technological challenges in a group of areas linked to the automation of interactive simulations that evolve in real time and the analysis of the players and their behaviour.



Poppy Station - open source robotics for education, research and culture


The association Poppy Station is the result of a transfer from Inria research and its open source robotics ecosystem, Poppy, towards a multi-partner external structure. Presented at the coming educational innovation trade fair, EducaTec EducaTice, in Paris on 21, 22 & 23 November, Poppy Station invites educational, research and cultural stakeholders to take the plunge into open source robotics. 



Open source

The Inria consortia model for open source software takes pride of place at the first B-Boost convention


On 6 and 7 November 2018 in Bordeaux, the biggest actors in open source and free software will come together for a new and original event whose aim is to accelerate the development of the open source sector. Inria, who has long been convinced of the preponderant role of free software in digital development, sponsors and participates in the event. 



Human-machine interaction in the service of well-being


Born from a collaboration with the Potioc project team, the start-up Ullo is currently preparing its flight to Las Vegas for CES 2019 with the delegation from New Aquitaine. The Roche-based start-up, which is developing new therapeutic approaches for the care of cognitive disorders, will present Inner Garden, an interactive sensory sandbox.




2008-2018 : 10 years of research at the center


This special edition of Plug'In is published on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Inria Bordeaux-Sud-Ouest center.
More than ever, its vocation is to implement a dynamic, to provoke meetings, to encourage projects. For that we offer you a trip back in time, to the origins of the creation of the center and the first academic and industrial collaborations, before returning to the present passing through a decade of innovation and discoveries. Then we meet the collaborators of the center: women and men of science of course, but also all people exercising research support functions.
The technology transfer and the stakes of research in digital sciences finally conclude this issue with an opening to the future: we hope that this magazine will make you want to start new collaboration, to study in digital sciences, or event create your start-up!
We wish you a very good read.


[27/09] Round Table

A spotlight on the bridges between digital technology and health


Numerical simulation for health, from research to transfer” will be the theme of the third and final round table organised by the Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest research centre for its 10thanniversary, on 27th September 2018. It will provide an opportunity to highlight its contribution to health, biology and medicine. Rodolphe Thiébaut, Sistm project team leader, will present this special event.



[27/09] Round Table

Artificial intelligence: varied and complementary skills


In the ten years since its creation, the Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest research centre has seen its teams develop a large number of research projects in the extended sphere of artificial intelligence – to the point of creating an incredibly rich ecosystem. Guided tour.


Modélisation du choc de matière à l’échelle microscopique

[27/09] Round Table

Modelling and computing: a vital requirement to face the challenges of science and industry


From energy and the environment to weather and aeronautics, the need for modelling and simulation is a more pressing issue than ever, and one that concerns all the industrial sectors and societal questions. Since the 1990s, teams from Bordeaux have been at the forefront of research in high-performance numerical simulation.