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How to collaborate with Inria

More than 3,400 scientists across the 172 project teams operating within the 8 Inria centres work day in, day out to tackle the scientific and technological challenges of information and communication. Although there are often technological components that have been developed by research teams and which are capable of meeting specific company needs, it remains vital for these to be adapted and made sustainable and, where necessary, to train companies in how to use them.

Expertise and agility

The staff from the Transfer, Innovation and Partnerships Department are in direct contact with research teams on a daily basis. They also act as a natural interface for industrial requests. They have all of the requisite information at their disposal, meaning they are able to guide you towards the right research team and to help you build a partnership and transfer project. 

In each case, the company, the Transfer for Innovation and Partnerships teams and the relevant scientists work together to determine the requirements, schedule and expected results for these collaborations. The length of a given contract will depend on the nature of the problems being dealt with. Inria have a team of legal experts specialising in contracts and intellectual property who are responsible for drafting the contracts required for these collaborations.

How to work with an Inria research team

There are a number of different collaboration options available, depending on the exact needs of individual companies.