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Phoenix patent

Based on a visual and user-friendly interface, the technology (patent + software) enables the intuitive management of communication flows. It allows messages from a variety of everyday communication tools, including email, standard phones and smartphones, to be coordinated for an individual.

Aimed at telecoms companies, the technology called "VisuCom" enables, for example, a call to be directed (according to the type of customer or the availability of a given member of staff) to the most suitable voice menu.

Flowers patent

The patented system enables a user to interactively teach new words to a robot without the need for prerequisites or special training in robotics.


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  • Rho-ban project, Flowers team, project owners: Olivier Ly and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer

Led by Inria, the University of Bordeaux 1 and the French National Centre for Scientific Research, this business formation project takes advantage of French innovation legislation measures that allow civil service researchers to form a business created from the utilisation of their research work.

The Rho-ban project will be based on the adaptation and development of integrated robotics technologies. In addition to its use of low-cost materials, what sets this project apart is its focus on the development of physical interactions between humans and robots.

Keywords: Innovation Technology transfer Start-ups South-West Pau Bordeaux