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Research leads to new inventions and the development of new programs, which are disseminated via 3 main routes:
- “free licences” based on one of the traditional licences for open source distribution
- “evaluation licences”, available for a limited period of time, used for trial and experimental purposes within companies
- “business licences”, enabling companies to integrate software into a given product or to market it

Software developed at the Inria Bordeaux - South-West research centre

BapCod - Code générique "branch-and-price-and-cut"

The BaPCod prototype automates tasks users are required to carry out, providing a core method that is common to all ll applications. This generic algorithm integrates the most recent research advances into the development of the “branch-and-price” method. BaPCod software is comprised of 32,500 lines of C++ code.

  • Logiciel issu de l'équipe-projet RealOpt
  • Find out more about BaPCod

Eigen - a generic C++ library for linear algebra

Eigen is a C++ template library for linear algebra: matrices, vectors, numerical solvers and related algorithms. Thanks to a high-level, high-performance interface, its open source development and the freedom from dependence, Eigen is appreciated not just for its performance levels but also for its ease of use and distribution. There are a wide range of areas of application, but Eigen has proved particularly successful in the fields of computer graphics (modelling, video games, rendering, etc.), computer vision and robotics.

  • Logiciel issu de l'équipe-projet Manao
  • Find out more about Eigen

Explauto - an autonomous exploration Python library 

Explauto is a framework that supplies a shared interface for the implementation and calibration of active learning algorithms. This library allows users to study, model and simulate multitask exploration and learning, motivated by virtual agents or robots.

  • Software developed by the project team Flowers
  • Find out more about Explauto

MMG - Mesh adaptation platform 

The MMG platform , developed jointly by Inria, the University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux INP, Pierre and Marie Curie University and the CNRS, supplies applications and libraries for mesh modification. The goal is to supply tools that are easy to use and which help improve mesh quality, to cut down on digital errors by improving the way in which the frontiers of the area in question are represented and to improve the precision of results by modifying the way in which compute nodes are distributed.

  • Software developed by the project team Cardamom
  • Find out more about MMG

StarPU - Task programming library for hybrid architectures 

StarPU is a software component used to provide a generic, unified vision of infrastructures available for calculation purposes, regardless or whether they are: CPU or GPU, etc. StarPU provides an API that enables users to automatically execute code on available resources, all the while taking data dependency into account in order to optimise the way in which calculations are executed. This unique programming interface makes it possible to develop software that is clearer, simpler and generic, enabling users to get the most out of the available infrastructure while maximising the performance of their applications.

  • Software developed by the project team Storm
  • Find out more about StarPU