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ISMP 2018

ISMP is the triennial international congress of mathematical optimization, where scientists from all over the world as well as industrial practitioners of mathematical optimization meet in order to present their most recent developments and results and to discuss new challenges from theory and practice. It is the symposium of the Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS).

  • Date : 1/07/2018 to 6/07/2018
  • Place : Bordeaux

The symposium is organized by the mathematical optimization group of the University of Bordeaux with the contributions of other Mathematical Optimization researchers of the French community. The core of the local organizers is structured around the Inria project team Realopt which is a joint venture between the University, Inria and two CNRS research labs of the University: the Mathematics Institute (IMB - team OPTIMAL - in Mathematical Optimization, Stochastic Models and Statistics) and the Computer Science Lab (LaBRI - team Combinatorics and Algorithms). Hence, the organization is shared between he University of Bordeaux, Inria-Bordeaux, and the CNRS, with external support from ADERA.

This event of the international Mathematical Optimization Society (MOS) is welcome by national scientific societies: The French Operations Research Society (ROADEF) and the French Society in Applied Mathematics and Industrial Applications (SMAI) are offering additional support.

Keywords: Mathematical optimization