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Contribution of historical data in the characterization of major events causing marine submersion.

"Interfaces", Aquitaine scientific symposium for digital sciences. This serie of talks will host several times a year, scientists from entire world, recognized for the quality of their work and the results they produce. Topics will treat about computer sciences and applied mathematics but mostly about their intersections with others sciences and fields. Medicine, Social sciences and humanities, art, etc. are such topics that are addressed.

  • Date : 22/11/2017
  • Place : Centre de Recherche Inria - Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest, salle Ada Lovelace at 11am
  • Guest(s) : Rodrigo PEDREROS
  • Organiser(s) : Inria - Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest

For its next edition, Interfaces •  Aquitaine scientific symposium for digital sciences , welcomes :

Doctor in Oceanography - Expert in coastal risks , Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières

The talk will be held in French and will be followed by a drink.  

Contribution of historical data in the characterization of major events causing marine submersion.
This presentation will show how inaccurate historical data can be combined with precise in-situ measurements or advanced numerical modeling results for:
- correctly quantify the return period of major storms, such as storm Xynthia, which hit the French Atlantic coast in 2010;
- or to constrain the characteristics of poorly known ancient earthquakes at the origin of important tsunamis.


He is author or co-author of more than 100 publications, including more than 30 in peer-reviewed international journals.

After a post-doctorate on the exchange of turbulent flows at the air-sea interface, he joined the BRGM in 2002.

He is now an expert on the problems related to coastal submersion, whether of meteorological origin (storm, cyclone) or telluric (tsunamis of seismic and gravitational origin). His expertise focuses on modeling offshore hydrodynamic conditions to urban marine submersion and associated damage. He is involved in both research and more applied projects.