Biological control of artificial ecosystems
Biological control of artificial ecosystems

The BIOCORE project-team is the successor of the COMORE project-team.

BIOCORE is a joint INRIA (Research Unit in Sophia-Antipolis) , INRA (sites in Sophia Antipolis and LBE Narbonne) research-team, and UPMC/CNRS Oceanographic Laboratory of Villefranche-sur-mer (LOV).
The overall goal of BIOCORE is to contribute to environment preservation by developing new energy sources, avoiding water pollution and replacing the use of chemicals for crops. In this context, the objective is to design, model, analyze, control and optimize artificial ecosystems (designed by man, built by man, or profoundly modified by man).

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In partnership with
CNRS,Sorbonne Université (UPMC),INRAE


Responsable de l'équipe

Montserrat Argente

Assistant(e) de l'équipe

Nathalie Bellesso

Assistant(e) de l'équipe