Biology, genetics and statistics
Biology, genetics and statistics

The BIGS (Biology, Genetics and Statistics) team is mainly focused on stochastic modeling and statistics for a methodological
purpose but also aiming at a better understanding of biological systems and health phenomena. Its attention is directed on (1) stochastic modeling, (2) estimation and control for stochastic processes, (3) algorithms and estimation for graph data and (4) regression and machine learning. The main objective ofBIGS is to exploit these skills in applied mathematics to provide a better understanding of some issues arising in life sciences, with a special focus on (1) tumor growth, (2) photodynamic therapy, (3) genomic data and micro-organisms population study, (4) epidemiology and e-health and (5) dynamics of telomeres.


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CNRS,Université de Lorraine


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Emmanuelle Deschamps

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