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Snowball associate team

Discovering knowledge on drug response variablity by mining electronic health records

International partner

  • Area : North America
  • Country : United States
  • Institution : Stanford University
  • Laboratory : Department of Medicine, Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR)
  • Principal investigator : Nigam Shah

Presentation of the associate team

Individuals react differently to drugs. Understanding how genetic and environmental factors impact drug response and applying this knowledge for prescribing the right drug and dose to individuals is key to the idea of precision medicine. Electronic Health Records (or EHR) offer a variety of qualitative and quantitative data on individuals, which could provide insight into the patient variability in drug response. We propose in the Snowball Associate Team to use EHR to design predictive models for detecting, on the basis of patient clinical history, who is likely to be over or under sensitive to a drug, and then to gain insights on the underlying mechanism of drug responses. We will focus on both numerical and symbolical methods that have the particularity to enable considering simultaneously clinical data and domain knowledge represented within ontologies.

Keywords: Associate teams CRI Nancy - Grand Est North America United States