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MEMENTO associate team

ModEling autonoMous vEhicles iN Traffic flOw

International partner

  • Area : North America
  • Country : United States
  • Institution : Université Vanderbilt Nashville
  • Principal investigator : Dan Work

Presentation of the associate team

In recent years, the strategic priorities of automotive and transportation systems focus on research, development and adoption of automation-related technologies as they emerge. As these technology developments are introduced in the traffic stream, an open question is how the mathematical models that are at the heart of transportation planning and operations will need to be advanced to accommodate these changes. The goal of the NeCS-Vanderbilt, MEMENTO, associate team is to create a multidisciplinary environment to model autonomous vehicles (AV) in human traffic flow. Specifically, our goal is to develop a unified micro-macro approach for traffic management, involving human drivers and autonomous vehicles by providing analytical and numerical tools for traffic modeling, estimation and control. We will work towards field operational tests, by using instrumented cars to collect data on AVs trajectories and their interaction with the traffic flow with human drivers.

Keywords: Associate teams CRI Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes North America United States