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Homogeneity Tools for Sliding Mode Control and Estimation

International partner

Presentation of the associate team

The team Non-A is developing an estimation theory, built around differential algebra and operational calculation on the one hand, and high gain algorithms (such as sliding mode) on the other hand. The Mexican partner team comes from "Sliding Mode Control" laboratory of UNAM. There exists a strong intersection of interests of both teams (application of homogeneity for design of sliding mode control and estimation algorithms, and analysis of finite-time stability). That is why there exists a long history of collaboration between these two teams. The goal of the project is development of control and estimation algorithms converging in fixed or in finite time by applying the last generation sliding mode techniques and the homogeneity theory. The project realization is planned in the form of short-time visits of permanent staff and visits of PhD students for a long period of stay. Such visits are very important for young scientists, and also help Non-A team to prepare and find good PhDs/post-docs for future.

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