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GCAM associate team

Geometric Control and Applications in Mechanics (micro-swimming and aerospace)

International partner

  • Area : Africa and Middle East
  • Country : Israel
  • Institution : TECHNION
  • Laboratory : Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Principal investigator : Yizhar Or

Presentation of the associate team

This proposal was born from three research connections between the INRIA team and the foreign partner: 1/ a strong collaboration on optimal control applied to the control of micro-swimmers (one co-advised PhD, one preprint), 2/ many students and young researchers exchanges in control applied to space engineering (a present post-doc in McTAO has done part of his PhD at Technion, and Technion hosts a former McTAO student as a post-doc), 3/ the results obtained in McTAO on long-standing conjectures on the "size" of the set of singular curves of a control system are very directly related with parallel work on singularities at Technion, with papers quoting each other so much that collaboration is natural. The goal of the team is to put forces together in these aspects of control, with the following aims: 1/ obtaining results on optimal displacements of micro-swimmers propelled by an external magnetic field, especially flagella shaped robots, 2/ refining studies of perturbations of the Newtonian potential in orbit transfer via multifrequency averaging and 3/ ideally proving the so-called "Sard conjecture" in sub-Riemannian geometry (an ideal case of optimal control). We believe in the richness of this project that mixes longstanding collaborations and starting ones. Student exchanges will be an asset.

Keywords: Israel Associate teams CRI Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée Africa and Middle East