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2nd edition of the Inria Lille- Nord Europe hackAtech

Changed on 18/11/2021
After the first edition in March 2020, the Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre is organising the second edition of the hackAtech, a digital science innovation marathon, designed to stimulate new start-up projects based on Inria technologies and expertise.
A call for participation is launched to join the adventure during the final sprint from 25 to 27 November 2021 at the Palais de la Bourse - CCI Grand Lille.

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The hackAtech: an open innovation approach to stimulate the creation of deeptech startups

The hackAtech is structured in four stages, from ideation to concrete support for projects, with the aim of strengthening the deeptech potential and validating the technological and business viability of projects sourced throughout the year. The climax of the hackAtech takes the form of a two and a half day sprint, bringing together 150 participants with varied profiles (project leaders, researchers, and engineers in the digital sector, business profiles, students, etc.). Their challenge: to contribute to the maturation of the selected projects by relying on Inria's scientists and the fruits of their research work in digital sciences.


Ideation, bootstrapping, consolidation and support: the four stages of hackAtech

Prior to the sprint, ideation workshops help identify business problems and imagine possible uses for Inria technologies. After a priming phase aimed at associating the problems detected with Inria research teams capable of lifting the technological barriers underlying these projects, comes the two-and-a-half-day sprint. The challenge of these 54 hours for the participants is to demonstrate the technical feasibility and the interest of going further on the scientific aspects and to carry out the first market validations. The winning projects of the hackAtech receive support from Inria and its partners and a financial award.


One ambition: to support the creation of start-ups in the Hauts-de-France region

As part of Inria's startup strategy, the hackAtech initiative was born in Lille and has been deployed nationwide in the Inria centres. The institute has acquired unique expertise in supporting and accompanying technology startup projects. At the heart of this system is the Inria Startup Studio, which codesigns entrepreneurial projects based on public research in the digital field. These projects are anchored in the major university research campuses where Inria is present.

200 startups have been created and supported to date. These startups are multi-field (robotics, data science, artificial intelligence) and concern different sectors (health, retail, transport, etc.).

100 deeptech startup projects supported per year: Inria's ambition for 2023.

How to participate in the hackAtech?

The event is open to all participants who want to contribute to the emergence of deeptech innovation projects!

An event organised with the support of: the Hauts-de-France Region, the I-Site, the University of Lille, IMT Lille Douai, CNRS, Centrale Lille, the European Metropolis of Lille, EuraTechnologies, Bpifrance, French Tech Lille, Eurasanté, Amiens Cluster, the Hauts-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Junia, Skema and the companies Karafun and Embaleo

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