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Colloquium Anne-Marie Kermarrec : "Scalable personalization infrastructures"

Anne-Marie Kermarrec Anne-Marie Kermarrec

The ever-growing amount of data available on the Internet calls for personalization. Yet, the most effective personalization schemes, such as those based on collaborative filtering (CF), are notoriously resource greedy.

  • Date : 3/04/2014
  • Lieu : Amphithéatre du Campus SophiaTech - Sophia Antipolis, de 11h à 12h (Présentation en anglais)
  • Intervenant(s) : Anne-Marie Kermarrec
  • Organisateur(s) : Inria, UNS, I3S, Polytech'Nice Sophia, Ecole doctorale STIC

We argue that scalable infrastructures should rely on P2P design to scale to that increasing number of users, data and dynamics.

I will present a novel scalable k-nearest neighbor protocol, which P2P flavor provides scalability by design. This protocol provides each user with an implicit social network composed of users with similar tastes in a given application.

This protocol has been instanciated in various settings:
(1) A P2P system, WhatsUp, a collaborative filtering system for disseminating news items in a large-scale dynamic setting with no central authority;
(2) A hybrid recommendation infrastucture HyRec, an online cost-effective scalable system for CF personalization, offloading CPU-intensive recommendation tasks to front-end client browsers, while retaining storage and orchestration tasks within back-end servers;
(3) A cloud-based centralized recommendation engine.

Experiment show that our solution outperforms alternatives with respect to cost while maintening the quality of personalization.

Mots-clés : Inria - Centre de Recherche Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern Anne-Marie Kermarrec

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