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Programme de la journée du 12 novembre 2014

Au programme de cette journée sur le data analytics, la participation de professionnels du domaine/d'intervenants de renom et la présentation de technologies et d'applications innovantes.

Programme en cours de construction



Accueil des participants autour d’un café


par Nozha Boujemaa, Directrice du centre Inria Saclay - Île-de-France


Conférence de Pierre-Jean Benghozi , Professeur à l'École Polytechnique et membre du collège de l'ARCEP
" Beyond Big Data : business models and the new role of Information at the information age "
In recent times industries have been reshaped by the influence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The recent emphasis on Big data reflects this profound change in the economy. Actually, it opens almost infinite possibilities in terms of marketing, sales targeting, customer traceability ... and, consequently, provide unlimited alternatives to develop business. But beyond Big data, these changes are part of broader economic dynamics that have emerged with the digital economy.  Constant experimentation and innovation in the business model (BM) has become one of the key sources of firms’ competitive advantage. As a result, traditional BMs, which were dominant and stable in their respective industries, have given rise to multiple disruptive BMs and a variety of arrangements which successfully co-exist in the same segments. Moreover, one can see that in many cases the competition is mainly centered on the BM innovation rather than on the content, product and service itself.
A body of literature underlines these important current transformations supported by Internet and the ICTs. New technologies and the development of online markets have created opportunities for new dematerialized transactions and services, for market extension and globalization, for the design of new offerings, and for new customer relations. New configurations call for new strategies and new ways to build their competitive positions. The range of organizations is accompanied by the emergence of new actors - digital platforms - corresponding to as many different ecosystems.
In order to gain access to new markets and to adapt the business to the new context, the actors meant to innovate and explore alternative business models, capable of ensuring sustainability and profitability. They seek to take advantage, in particular, of renewed competitive resources: namely technological skills, hybridization of geographical locations and virtual activities, and lastly, data exploitation and management of information.
These strategies give space to some common trends in the BM at stake in the various industrial fields : the crossbreed of luxury and low cost strategies, the growing role of aggregating and distribution platforms, the customer control and economy of branding, the key part of free- economics.


Conférence de Christophe Lecante , PDG fondateur de TKM, Président de l’IHEST et Vice-président Innovation du Comité Richelieu




Partenariat et transfert technologique chez Inria
par Maike Gilliot , Responsable du service Transfert, Innovation et Partenariats chez Inria Saclay - Île-de-France


Présentation des technologies innovantes


Ouverture du showroom de démonstration


Cocktail déjeunatoire

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