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Workshop FP3C "Framework and Programming for Post - Petascale Computing"

Workshop organisé à l'occasion de la fin du projet franco-japonais FP3C. Il se tiendra le mercredi 19 mars à la Maison de la Simulation, de 9h45 à 12h45.

  • Date : 19/03/2014
  • Lieu : Maison de la Simulation USR 3441 - Bâtiment 565 Digiteo - CEA Saclay - 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette cedex

High performance computing systems used for cutting-edge of advanced computational science have reached to Petaflops (a million billion calculations per second) performance, and will be targeted to the next generation of Exascale systems as a post Petascale system.

The goal of FP3C project is to contribute to establish software technologies, languages and programming models to explore extreme performance computing beyond Petascale computing, on the road to Exascale computing. The ability to program these future high performance systems efficiently is considered by all research national agencies all along the world as a strategic and important issue. France and Japan plan to host some of these systems by the end of the FP3C project.

This half-day workshop is devoted to present through demo and tutorials the main achievement of this ambitious four-year international project.


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