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Clustered oscillations in a model of gamma rhythm

Séminaires organisés par l'équipe-projet SISYPHE, à 15h00 entrée libre.

  • Date : 24/01/2011
  • Lieu : Rocquencourt bâtiment 16
  • Intervenant(s) : Maciej Krupa (Radboud University, Nijmegen)
  • Organisateur(s) : Equipe-projet SISYPHE

We consider a model of gamma oscillations known as PING (Pyramidal INterneuron Gamma). A PING model consists of two coupled populations of cells, excitatory (pyramidal) cells and inhibitory cells (interneurons). We review the earlier work of Börgers and Kopell who demonstrated the existence of oscillatory solutions with both populations firing synchronously (and with frequency in gamma range). Subsequently we present our results on the existence of clustered solutions; we show that the excitatory cells may fire in clusters if they have a long refractory period, i.e. if they do not respond to input in the early stage of their cycle. We consider two  models of excitatory cells, a Miles-Traub cell with adaptation, and a phase model with a custom designed coupling function, created in order to explain the mechanism of the clustered firing. Finally, we discuss the effects of shunting vs hyperpolarizing inhibition.

Mots-clés : Paris - Rocquencourt Séminaire SISYPHE

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