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Séminaire : Modélisation et Calcul Scientifique

The Fixed-mesh ALE method for fluid-structure interaction problems

A 14h, entrée libre

  • Date : 4/11/2011
  • Lieu : Amphi Turing, bâtiment 1
  • Intervenant(s) : Joan Baiges, International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE), at the Technical University of Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain.
  • Organisateur(s) : Irène Vignon-Clementel

The Fixed-Mesh ALE approach is a method to approximate multiphysics problems in moving domains using always a given grid for the spatial discretization. Our main concern is to properly account for the advection of information as the domain boundary evolves. To achieve this, we use an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian framework, the distinctive feature being that at each time step results are projected onto a fixed, background mesh, that is where the problem is actually solved. Some examples of applications of the Fixed-Mesh ALE method to fluid-structure interaction, free surface flows and solid mechanics problems will be presented. The imposition of Dirichlet boundary conditions is a key issue in fixed-grid methods. A way to weakly prescribe Dirichlet boundary conditions in embedded grids will be presented. The key feature of the method is that no large penalty parameter is needed and that it is symmetric for symmetric problems.

Mots-clés : Paris - Rocquencourt Séminaire Modélisation et Calcul Scientifique

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