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Building Reconfigurable Digital and Neuromorphic Computations in a Biochemical World

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Katherine Chiang, NTU Taiwan

  • Date : 20/10/2014
  • Lieu : Inria Paris - Rocquencourt - Amphi Alan Turing - Bâtiment 1 - 14h00
  • Intervenant(s) : Katherine Chiang, NTU Taiwan

Realizing complex systems within a biochemical environment is a common pursuit in synthetic biology, an emerging technology with promising potential in biomedicine and other applications. Such systems achieve certain computation through properly designed biochemical reactions. Despite fruitful progress being made, most existing reaction designs have fixed target functionality.

Their lack of reconfigurability can be disadvantageous, especially when a system has to adapt to a varying biochemical environment. In this talk, we will present an analog approach to economically construct reconfigurable logic or neuromorphic circuits similar to silicon based field programmable gate arrays (FPGA).

For digital computation, the effective “logic” and “interconnect” of the circuit can be dynamically reconfigured by controlling the concentrations of certain knob species; for neuromorphic computation, weights between connected neurons can adapt to environmental input, mimicking the synaptic plasticity of biological neurons.

Mots-clés : Séminaire Lifeware Building Reconfigurable Digital Neuromorphic Computations

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