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Homomorphic Signatures for Polynomial Functions

Séminaire organisé par l'équipe-projet CASCADE.

A 14h00, entrée libre.

  • Date : 4/03/2011
  • Lieu : École Normale Supérieure, Salle W (4è étage)
  • Intervenant(s) : David Mandell Freeman (Stanford Univ.)
  • Organisateur(s) : Equipe-projet CASCADE

We construct the first homomorphic signature scheme that is capable of evaluating multivariate polynomials on signed data.
Given the public key and a signed data set, there is an efficient algorithm to produce a short signature that authenticates the mean, standard deviation, least-squares fit, and other functions of the signed data. Previous systems for computing on signed data could only handle linear operations. Our system uses ideal lattices in a way that is a "signature analogue" of Gentry's construction of fully homomorphic encryption.
Security is based on hard problems on ideal lattices similar to those in Gentry's system.
This is joint work with Dan Boneh, to appear in Eurocrypt 2011.

Mots-clés : CASCADE Cryptographie ENS Séminaire Paris - Rocquencourt

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