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Programming the Dynamics of a Complex Network

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La demi-heure de science a lieu tous les mois, à partir de 13h45, dans la salle Jacques-Louis Lions au bâtiment C. Un café vous y accueille dès 13h30.

Cette demi-heure a pour but de présenter, à tous les scientifiques du centre, un thème, son intérêt et les questions qui s’y rapportent afin de répondre à la question  « pourquoi mène-t-on des recherches dans ce domaine-là ?».

  • Date : 6/02/2018
  • Lieu : Inria de Paris- 2 rue Simone Iff - 75012- Batiment C - Salle Jacques Louis Lions
  • Intervenant(s) : Adrian Kosowski ( GANG)

Prochain rendez-vous le mardi 6 février à 13h45

  • Intervenant :   Adrian Kosowski (GANG)
  • Sujet : Programming the Dynamics of a Complex Network

Many complex phenomena, both natural and man-made, follow from an application of local interaction rules to a large population of agents. A central question, inspired by models of natural computation and by an effort to explain network effects in the life sciences, concerns “programming” of the agents' local interaction rules so as to obtain desirable global behavior of the system.
Reaching beyond a traditional input-output framework of computation, we consider an objective in which obtaining a specified form of non-stationary dynamical behavior of a networked system is, in itself, a design goal. The “holy grail” of much of the current research in this area would be to gain a better insight into the dynamics of neuronal circuits, both synthetic and natural. Here, we confine ourselves to a theoretical exposition of much simpler proof-of-concept models, in which ensuring periodicity and other oscillatory properties helps to resolve fundamental tasks, such as spreading information through the system.

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