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Molecular simulation and the numerical microscope

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La demi-heure de science a lieu tous les mois, à partir de 13h45, dans la salle Jacques-Louis Lions au bâtiment C. Un café vous y accueille dès 13h30.

Cette demi-heure a pour but de présenter, à tous les scientifiques du centre, un thème, son intérêt et les questions qui s’y rapportent afin de répondre à la question  « pourquoi mène-t-on des recherches dans ce domaine-là ?».

  • Date : 9/01/2018
  • Lieu : Inria de Paris, bâtiment C, salle Jacques-Louis Lions
  • Intervenant(s) : Gabriel Stoltz (Matherials)

Prochain rendez-vous le jeudi 9 janvier à 13h45

  • Intervenant :  Gabriel Stoltz (Matherials)
  • Sujet :   Molecular simulation and the numerical microscope

Statistical physics provides a framework to infer macroscopic properties of interest for systems modelled at the atomic level -- with applications ranging from materials science to computational biology.

This allows for instance the in-silico design of new materials with better thermo-mechanical properties, to find new drugs for the pharmaceutical industry, and to study the state of the matter in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure (such as inside the Earth core).

I will first describe how the problem can be mathematically formulated as the computation of averages of certain functions, and then present some simple and popular numerical methods to do so. Since molecular simulations nowadays represent a significant fraction of the CPU time in large computing centers, it is critical to make sure that efficient simulation methods are used.

I will discuss some of the many challenges in this direction, and illustrate them with some success-stories in the team. 

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