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Decision-making and control in networked systems

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La demi-heure de science a lieu tous les mois, à partir de 13h45, dans la salle Jacques-Louis Lions au bâtiment C. Un café vous y accueille dès 13h30.

Cette demi-heure a pour but de présenter, à tous les scientifiques du centre, un thème, son intérêt et les questions qui s’y rapportent afin de répondre à la question  « pourquoi mène-t-on des recherches dans ce domaine-là ?».

  • Date : 1/12/2016
  • Lieu : Inria de Paris, bâtiment C, Salle Jacques-Louis Lions
  • Intervenant(s) : Ana Busic (EP Dyogene)
Prochain rendez-vous le jeudi 1 décembre à 13h45

We are constantly faced with situations in which we need to make decisions based on a partial knowledge of our environment. Our decisions influence decisions of other people we interact with. How to model and analyze systems in which decisions need to be made in real-time, based on a limited knowledge of the overall interconnected system? And if we are the designers of such systems, how to derive scalable algorithms that meet some global objectives?

We will consider two concrete examples. The first is inspired by the kidney paired donation program by UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing), a transplant option for candidates who have a living donor that cannot donate a kidney to their intended candidate because they are incompatible. The second problem is balancing generation and demand in power grids with high percentage of renewable generation. We will highlight some of the major issues and summarize the recent results of our team on the distributed control of flexible loads.

Mots-clés : Networking System Interaction Control Dyogene

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