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Workshop : Neural Engineering

In July 2 and 3, a Neural Engineering workshop will take place at INRIA in Nancy in the framework of the International Training Network NETT (
funded by the Marie Curie Program of the European Union:

  • Date : 2/07/2015 au 3/07/2015
  • Lieu : Inria Nancy - Grand Est
  • Organisateur(s) : Axel Hutt

We invite PhD-students and international researchers who are interested in neural engineering from a both theoretical and applicable perspective to attend the workshop. The invited speakers will present combinations of theoretical aspects and experimental setups. In addition, there will be two demonstration sessions, one on the olfactory system of insects and robotics led by Dominique Martinez and a tour around the Intelligent Appartement led by Francois Charpillet.
Confirmed speakers are :
* Werner Hemmert, TU Munich
  "Processing of sound in the first stage of the auditory pathway : models and measurements with a focus on cochlear implants."
* Christian Hauptman, Research Center Juelich
  "Model-based development of therapy-application in the field of Tinnitus and Parkinson's disease."
* Visvanathan Ramesh, University of Frankfurt tba.
* Serena Ivaldi, INRIA Nancy
  "Social and physical interaction betwen humans and robots - perspectives for personal robotics assistants."
* Dominique Martinez, CNRS
  "Olfactory search strategies in insects and robots"
* Patrick Henaff, Ecole des Mines / Lorraine University
  "Pattern generation in robotics"
* Laurent Bougrain, Lorraine University
  "EEG - based control of a JACO robotic arm"
* Corinne Mestais, CEA Grenoble
  "Brain Computer Interface human platform to control a 4-limb exoskeleton based on the ECoG-recording implant WIMAGINE: preliminary result"
If you are interested to attend, please register by sending an email to Axel Hutt ( with your name, affiliation and day(s) of attendance.

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