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Workshop Internet Of Things - Equipex FIT IoT-LAB

FIT Iot-Lab - © Inria / Photo J. Vandaele

Après le premier workshop FIT IoT-Lab ayant eu lieu l'an dernier à Grenoble avec plus de 70 participants, participez cette année à l’événement au sein du centre Inria Lille - Nord Europe, les 14 et 15 octobre 2015.

This workshop, organized by Fun project-team of Inria Lille - Nord Europe has the dual purpose of allowing exchanges on research and presenting talks and tutorials on various topics in the IoT domain. It specifically targets experimentation through testing, verification, deployment, integration, management and federation of experimental platforms. It will bring together people from academia and industry, in several areas of research so that they can exchange ideas about the current and the future of the IoT.

The project – Future Internet of Things (FIT) – is one of 52 winning projects from the first wave of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research’s “Équipements d’Excellence” (Equipex) research grant programme.

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