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Equipe de recherche PRIVATICS

Modèles, architectures et outils pour la protection de la vie privée dans la société de l'information

Présentation de l'équipe

New technologies are very beneficial to the society and provide services that can drastically improve life's quality. However, they can also pose considerable privacy threats and turn them into a nightmare. The goals of the Privatics team is to study the new privacy threats introduced by the information society and design privacy-preserving solutions to prevent or at least mitigate them. The project follows a multidisciplinary approach. It focuses on technical and scientific problems, but also considers the economical, legal and social aspects of privacy.

Axes de recherche

  1. Understanding and formalizing privacy
  2. Building privacy preserving systems: Privacy-by-Design, Privacy and Transparency Enhancing Technologies

Relations industrielles et internationales

  • NICTA, Trusted Network Group (Sydney, Australia)
  • Associated team with UCI Irvine (G. Tsudik) and UC Berkeley (D.Song)
  • Eurecom, France (R. Molva and A. Francillon)
  • CNIL (French Data Protection Agency)
International Grants: EIT ICT Labs, FI-WARE (FP7), PARIS (FP7)
National Grants: ARESA 2 (ANR), BLOC (ANR), BIOPRIV (ANR)

Mots-clés : Vie privée Sécurité