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Through websites, major scientific events (Fête de la science, Nuit des chercheurs, etc.), educational films on Youtube and special editions of magazines such as Okapi, Phosphore or Docsciences, Inria provides information and explanations about computational sciences on the web or in your local area. scientific culture in a mouse click

A scientific awareness site created by researchers, launched at Inria's initiative in partnership with the French National Centre for Scientific Research, universities and the ASTI, the popular science site offers nearly 300 articles, podcasts, images, etc. for those who are curious about science.

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fuscia is an open service which answers all your questions! It is also a compilation of online educational resources concerning the fields of computer science and applied mathematics. This site is primarily aimed at students and trainee engineers, but also teachers, researchers and engineers working in business.

Publications: for all levels of knowledge

La science c'est fun !

To guide you in your discovery of what goes on behind the scenes of the digital world, we suggest that you read the magazines we have co-edited with specialist partners such as Bayard Presse, the National Centre for Educational Documentation (CNDP) and the Versailles Regional Centre for Educational Documentation (CRDP). All of our magazines are available upon request. Alternatively, they can be downloaded.

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