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Marie-Paule Cani © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Collège de France

3D digital design with animated virtual worlds


Marie-Paule Cani has been appointed Chair of IT and Digital Sciences at the Collège de France for 2015. The inaugural lecture will be held on 12 February 2015.



30 years of business creation

Business creation

Inria celebrates 30 years of business creation

Dircom - 26/11/2014

1984: Inria becomes a shareholder in a first company, SIMULOG. It was the start of a history of company creation which is still going strong today! Today, and over the coming months, Inria is turning the spotlight on 30 years of exciting entrepreneurial ventures. It is an opportunity to remind ourselves that the creation of businesses is one of the areas Inria decided to focus on in its search for economic and societal impact. Interview with Antoine Petit, managing director of Inria and Eric Horlait, Inria’s deputy managing director responsible for transfer and industrial partnerships



Arjuna Srirangapatna Raghavendra


Quand les mathématiques décryptent le sanskrit

Anais Aires - 25/11/2014

Lauréat 2014 de la prestigieuse bourse Raman-Sharpak, le jeune chercheur indien Arjuna Srirangapatna Raghavendra veut mettre la puissance de l’informatique à la disposition de ceux qui analysent et étudient le sanskrit. Afin d’approfondir ses travaux, il va intégrer Inria au printemps prochain pour trois mois.



Nicholas Ayache Inria / Photo Y. Obrenovitch


Nicholas Ayache, new member of the French Academy of Science


Ten new members have just been elected to the Académie des Sciences (the French Academy of Science) at its Plenary Assembly meeting on 18 November 2014. They include Nicholas Ayache, Inria Research Director ('"classe exceptionnelle'), in the "Computer Science and Medical Science" section for research at the interface of the Mechanics and Computer Science and the Human Biology and Medical Science sections.



Mathilde Dorémus ©Inria / Gilles Scagnelli Mathilde Dorémus during the ʺA day with a ballʺ disability awareness initiative - ©Inria / Gilles Scagnelli


Inria’s disability scheme: an effective network and informed researchers

Damien Dechambre - 20/11/2014

On September 1, 2011, Inria signed an agreement with FIPHFP, the French fund for the integration of disabled persons in public sector employment. Its aim is to implement a durable and practical policy in aid of disabled public sector employees. Mathilde Dorémus, who is in charge of coordinating Inria’s disability scheme, takes stock of the actions carried out over the last three years.



La French Tech


Inria, a genetically French Tech institute

LH - 12/11/2014

Today some French cities where Inria’s research centres are based have been awarded the “French Tech” label. Antoine Petit, Inria’s Chairman and CEO asserts the institute’s commitment to the dynamic development of French innovation.



Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images


Inria supports the development of digital Humanities through DARIAH

CD - 5/11/2014

With its official status as an ERIC, DARIAH aims to use digital sciences in the interests of the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). The consortium’s Director is Laurent Romary, an Inria Research Director. The consortium will be inaugurated on 17 November at the French Ministry for Research.



Traitement d'images - Equipe Asclepios © Inria / Asclepios

Image Processing

Inria will be participating in the international conference dedicated to image processing

LH - 27/10/2014

Inria has been involved in organising the 2014 edition of ICIP, the international conference dedicated to image-processing, which is being held in France for the first time, between 27 and 30 October at CNIT, Paris – La Défense. Christine Guillemot, Sirocco team manager and Josiane Zerubia, Ayin team manager are both managers of the organising committee. Guillemot will be chairing the plenary sessions while Zerubia will be chairing the tutorials. Nicholas Ayache, manager of the Asclépios team, who was recently awarded the Inria – French Académie des sciences Grand Prize 2014 will be giving a talk entitled “Medical Image Computing for Computational Medicine” on 28 October. Among the numerous Inria teams conducting research into image-processing, eleven teams are involved in the work chosen for ICIP 2014, namely the Ayin, Asclépios, Géostat, Lagadic, Magrit, Prima, Stars, Serpico, Sirrocco, TexMex and Titane teams. Several teams will also be showing their work on the Inria Stand (N°9). These will be Ayin, Clime, Geostat, Morpheme and Stars.




Inria-Industry partnership

Improving protection for our digital lives


In the networks jungle, how to ensure protection of users' personal data? The French start-up, Novathings, and the Diana team at Inria joined forces to help individuals regain control of their digital lives



© ACM RecSys

Challenges and Awards

Frédéric Guillou wins the ACM RecSys Challenge!


Frédéric Guillou, a PhD student working with the Sequel team, has won the recommender systems challenge organized by the ACM RecSys conference.