A word from Bruno Wierzbicki

Bruno Wierzbicki © Inria - Photo G. Scagnelli © Inria - Photo G. Scagnelli

"Mobility is essential in the dynamic and highly competitive world of computational sciences. That is why we place a great deal of emphasis on welcoming and supporting new arrivals in order to make their stay as easy as we can and as productive as possible for them and us alike. We have adopted measures to facilitate their integration, give them access to training and offer them excellent career development possibilities.

We also offer our new employees, who are carefully selected by specialists, a modern and international working environment which is intellectually motivating and allows a large degree of autonomy. This environment will very quickly allow them to build up their skills, skills which can be passed on to others within the institute or used wherever their career may take them.

What we look for most of all in new recruits is an ability to adapt quickly to new contexts, which are always highly technical and resolutely cosmopolitan."

Bruno Wierzbicki,  Director of Human Resources, Inria

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