Transfer of technology

Eric Horlait, directeur du transfert et de l'innovation - crédit photo Gilles Scagnelli/Inria © Inria / Photo Gilles Scagnelli

Inria’s ambition is to guarantee a maximum impact from our R&D production by accelerating innovation through the transfer of our technologies and our skills.

Eric Horlait , Director of Technology Transfer and Innovation

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30 years of business creation

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Competitiveness clusters

Inria, a player in the national competitiveness cluster system

Competitiveness clusters are a key mechanism in the French policy of support for innovation. These clusters actually bring together companies, research laboratories, and training institutions on a given territory in order to develop synergies and cooperation.

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Rencontres INRIA Industries

"Inria - Industry Meetings"

The “Meetings” provide industrial players and researchers with a place for exchanges. Objective: to shorten technology transfer time. Topical and regional, the “Meetings” bring together the competitiveness clusters of eight Inria research centers located in France. A look back on the most recent “Meetings.”

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© INRIA - Photo C. Tourniaire

Inria & major industrial players

Inria is establishing bilateral, long-term partnerships with major industrial groups. These partnerships are formalized in a framework agreement. A research program is developed jointly by Inria and its partner based on the industrial player’s priority topics. Research projects, fitting into this program, are then developed jointly by Inria’s teams and the partner. In addition, a steering committee and a scientific committee ensure that the collaboration is consistent and runs smoothly.

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Triangulations 3D de CGAL, bibliothèque d'algorithmes géométriques  © INRIA / Projet GEOMETRICA

Software publishing consortiums

To support the distribution of a software program created from work by Inria's teams to a community of developers and/or users, Inria may decide to set up a software publishing consortium.

Free software

Logiciel libre

Inria and free software

Research, innovation, technological development... Inria's strategy on free software concerns all of its activities. One symbol of the efforts made by the institute in the field of free software is the recent creation of the Initiative for Research and Innovation in Free Software, IRILL. Here are some explanations of the approach adopted.

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Jeunes pousses

Meetings with innovative business creators

Since 1984, Inria has contributed to the emergence of young start-ups that enrich the technologies developed by its researchers. On Month DD, 2010, the institute celebrated its 100th start-up. A look back at some business creation stories.

Meet the entrepreneurs