What does Inria do for SMEs?

Eric Horlait, directeur du transfert et de l'innovation - crédit photo Gilles Scagnelli/Inria Eric Horlait, directeur du transfert et de l'innovation - crédit photo : Gilles Scagnelli

In order to support transfers to SMEs, Inria has established strategic partnerships, particularly with OSEO, as well as a platform of tools and services. How does Inria help SMEs?

Eric Horlait , innovation manager

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Expanding bandwidth between SMEs and the research world

"Alongside OSEO, we are able to offer comprehensive support to our partners, consistent with the coordination of innovation ecosystems by the competitiveness clusters. "

Laure Reinhart , Deputy Chief Executive Officer, OSEO

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Inria innovation labs


The Inria innovation labs system boosts technology transfers to SMEs

In order to boost technology transfers to SMEs and SMIs, Inria has established the Inria innovation labs system. The idea is to bring together an Inria project team and a partner SME in a joint laboratory. The two entities define a joint, specific work program lasting two to three years. Incentives are given by Inria to the project team involved, while the SME can receive government assistance to finance its research project (particularly the research tax credit).

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HPC-SME Initiative

Salle de supercalculateurs

Supercomputing within the reach of SMEs

HPC-SME Initiative  is a program launched jointly by GENCI, Inria, OSEO, and four global competitiveness clusters. Objective: to facilitate and encourage SME access to high-performance computing (HPC), a luxury often reserved for only large industrial groups. Because it can shorten the time for testing services and products and process large amounts of mixed data, the use of supercomputing allows SMEs to remain aggressive on competitive, changing markets.

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