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Brigitte Duême

Aeronautics, defence, space, security

Interview with Brigitte Duême, Sector Associate

Around 150 project-teams - in other words, more than 80% of Inria's research personnel - work on subjects affecting the aeronautics, space, defence and security sectors. Many teams have partnerships with major industrial operators, and sometimes with ...
Thierry Vareine

Software publishing, embedded system

Interview with Thierry Vareine, Sector Associate

Software and embedded systems have been one of the core focuses of Inria's work since its creation. From smart cards to rockets and satellites, not to mention transport (trains, automobiles) and consumer electronics (telephones), these technologies ...
Anne-Céline Lamballe © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Energy, transport, sustainable development

Interview with Anne-Céline Lamballe, Sector Associate

An increasing number of the results of the research and technologies developed at Inria now have the potential to be transferred to the sectors of sustainable development, energy, the environment and transport.  Mainly linked to the concept of ...
Philippe Gesnouin © INRIA / Photo C. Tourniaire  Philippe Gesnouin © Inria / Photo C. Tourniaire

Health, life sciences, biotechnology

Interview with Philippe Gesnouin, Sector Associate

Information and communication technologies have come to occupy a vital place in the health industry. Inria is forging an increasing number of partnerships in bio-informatics and medical imaging, disciplines in which the institute has been well ...
Bernard Odier

Telecoms, networks, multimedia

Interview with Bernard Odier, Sector Associate

Telecoms, networks, multimedia: fields facing an explosion of traffic and growing demand from users. Out of the institute's 170 teams, around 60 are working partially or fully within these sectors. In addition to its strategic partnership with ...

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