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Developing scientific partnerships abroad by structuring and expanding those of the research teams.

Hélène Kirchner , Director of International Relations


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  • Internships Program: Launch of the Opening call for 2013

The International Affairs Dept. has launched a new campaign to recruit interns from abroad as part of its Internships Program. This program is open to students from foreign institutions which are already partners of Inria's Internships Program (see list). Internship offers will be sent directly to partner institutions who will pass on these offers to their most able students. 

Submission of applications can be received from October 17th 2012 until January 7th 2013.
More details and the full schedule of the 2013 Campaign Internships can be found on the webpage.

  • 2 joint research projets Inria-Berkeley University have been selected by France Berkeley Fund
  • French- South African crssed Seasons 2012: Inria co-organizes two workshops with Pretoria University and Stellenbosch University (September and November 2012)

Strategic partnerships

Joint laboratories and consortiums

Inria is a founding member of laboratories and consortiums in China (LIAMA - French-Chinese computer science, control and applied mathematics laboratory), in the United-States (JLPC - Joint Laboratory for Petascale Computing , Inria-Urbana Champaign), in Africa (LIRIMA - International Laboratory for Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics), in the Mediterranean Basin (EuroMed3+3).

Associate Teams

Exploit synergies between international partners

Since 2002, Inria has been funding "associate teams" to strengthen collaboration between Inria project teams and top level research teams worldwide. In 2011, there are 65 associate teams. 34% of Inria project-teams are involved in at least one of them.


Internships programme

Code name: Internships

Each year, Inria takes on more than a hundred students from across the world for research training. The code name for this programme is Internships . The idea is that undergraduate, masters or PhD level students come and spend from two to nine months, depending on their level, with an Inria research team.

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